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Raw, Head-On, Shell-On
Over 40 Prawns Per 1Kg

Our jumbo-size king prawns have a rich, refreshing taste that makes an excellent addition to your favorite recipes. Raised in our very own aquaculture program with industry leaders, we are on course to be the most sustainably farmed prawns anywhere.

Our unique growing environment utilizes many innovative technologies that work together to optimize natural biological systems–completely free of chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. This labor of love results in a much more flavorful prawn with extremely low impact on the environment.

  • Incredibly Fresh Flavor, Nutrient Rich
  • No Chemicals, Antibiotics, or Hormones
  • Sustainably and Responsibly Farmed
  • Locally Produced in Singapore

Ingredients: King Prawn

Disclaimer: Each grow-out is unique and carefully monitored by our team to ensure we deliver the premium quality prawns we are known for. However, In rare occurrences, our ideal harvest window may not align with your expected harvest date. Therefore, we recommend that you stay available for our delivery the following Friday.

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