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Harvest, Delivery, & 1-Week Delay

Harvesting & Delivery Process

Once our prawns are harvested, they will be delivered to you within hours, so you can be assured they are as fresh as they can be.

Prawn Sorting

From there, the harvest is quality confirmed, and each order is individually weighed and packaged. The orders are then grouped and packaged for our logistics partners, responsible for their safe delivery.

Maintaining cold shipment from harvest to your door is a critical step in this process. We work closely with our partners to ensure your prawns are kept cool throughout delivery in our special cold boxes.

Deliveries happen between 10 AM-2 PM on the harvest day (Friday). You will be notified via SMS /Email when your order will be delivered. When the courier arrives at your address, they take your order from our cold box and deliver it to you directly–in person (following all COVID precautions). Therefore, it is critical and your responsibility that someone is at your order address to receive your prawns and put it into a refrigerator right away.

Food safety laws prohibit us from leaving your order outside your door.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot be home during the stated delivery time, please call us as soon as possible so we can schedule a different time on the same day. Should you miss this delivery opportunity, your order will be non-refundable.

1-Week Harvest Delay

We are continuously updating and optimizing our technology with each grow-out to overcome the many unique challenges of prawn farming.

Our projected harvest dates are highly calculated, using our resources and historical data to build an accurate schedule. But despite that, nature can direct a different course. Luckily, we know that at the very most, a delay will only take one week to sort out and will be available the following Friday.

Two Primary Causes of Delay

The first may be that the prawns are molting (not to be confused with molding). Molting is a process in which the prawn sheds its exoskeleton to grow a new one; this happens at certain times during the lunar cycle and can affect the harvest calendar.

The second, and more common, is that the prawns are just not big enough. With every harvest, our goal is to achieve a specific size prawn. Either way, waiting an additional week after the scheduled harvest ensures that the prawns are ready, plump, and deliver the premium quality we feel you deserve.

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