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The World's Best Tasting, Most Sustainable Prawns

The World's Best Tasting, Most Sustainable Prawns

Available only to Singapore residents

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Order by "Harvest Date" - This is the projected date you will receive your order. All orders are harvested at our sanitized facility and delivered the same day.

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All orders come in a sealed bag and are delivered to your door via cold chain shipment. An individual must be present at the address to receive the delivery.

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Clean, Cook, Enjoy

Rinse your prawns thoroughly with fresh water before featuring them in your favourite recipes. Store your prawns in the refrigerator. We recommend you freeze them if keeping for more than two days.

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Our king prawns have a rich, refreshing taste that makes an excellent addition to your favorite recipes. Raised in our very own aquaculture program with industry leaders, we are on course to be the most sustainably farmed prawns anywhere.

All-Natural Fresh Flavor

Our prawns' diet consists of sustainable feed and our in-house organic sea grapes. These nutrients impart an incredibly fresh seafood flavour you'll crave.

No Chemicals or Antibiotics

From infancy through maturity, our prawns grow naturally through the care of our advanced systems, never needing chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones.

Sustainable & Responsible

We started this company to preserve our natural resources in an industry known to neglect them. Every aspect of our tech supports our zero waste mission.

Same-day Harvest & Delivery

Same-day Harvest & Delivery

We get up at the dawn of each harvest day to package our orders by 8 AM. We then bring them to your door within hours–delivering the freshest prawns on the market, truly farm to fork.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality

To guarantee our prawns meet the premium quality you deserve, we may intentionally delay our harvest until the following week.

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About Our Prawns

How long do these prawns stay fresh?

Glad you asked! Under proper refrigeration, we recommend you consume our prawns within 48-72 hours of the harvest date and time on your package label. It would be best to discard any prawns left at room temperature for more than two hours.

To extend the freshness of your prawns, you should freeze them after 72 hours but consume them within 3-6 months. To learn more, visit our blog post on the topic.

Can I cook the prawns straight from the bag?

You shouldn't–our prawns are delivered to you unprocessed. They are not dirty in any way, but we know that bacteria can begin to form shortly after a prawn is dispatched. To avoid illness linked to raw seafood products, we recommend thoroughly washing all of your prawns upon receiving your delivery.

See our blog post for more about cleaning and prepping your prawns for your next meal.

Why are these prawns only available in Singapore?

Here's the facts–one of our primary goals at Vertical Oceans is to provide customers with an incredibly fresh product. We do this by managing an organized same-day harvest and delivery system. To do so effectively requires the distance between supply and delivery to be short.

As a company founded in Singapore, we can only guarantee our premium product to residents at this time. However, as our business and company scale, we plan to share the gift of fresh prawns to many cities around the globe.

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Delivery & Delay

What delivery service do you use?

Several–We work with many delivery services within Singapore. These couriers are trained to deliver the shrimp to you according to our strict requirements. If you are not happy with your delivery service, please let us know right away, and we will follow up with them.

For more information visit our delivery page.

What happens if I'm not home at the time of delivery?

Call us immediately–We know a conflict in scheduling can come up without a moment's notice. If you cannot meet us at your delivery location on time or have received a message of a failed delivery, you will need to call us immediately to see how we can schedule a different time on the same day.

We want to remind you that our product requires immediate refrigeration. Delivering an incredibly fresh product like ours requires a higher level of customer accountability and awareness, which we greatly appreciate. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have the resources to hold (and refrigerate) your order to another day, and as a result, we cannot refund your order. 

For more information visit our delivery page.

Why was my order delayed?

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience if there has been a delay with your order. We appreciate your business so much! We are doing our best to ensure this does not happen in the future. We may choose to delay the harvest for various reasons, but two reasons prove more likely causes to the delay.

The first may be that the prawns are molting (not to be confused with molding). Molting is a process in which the prawn sheds its exoskeleton to grow a new one; this happens at certain times during the lunar cycle and can affect the harvest calendar.

The second, and more common, is that the prawns are just not big enough. With every harvest, our goal is to achieve a specific size prawn. Either way, waiting an additional week after the scheduled harvest ensures that the prawns are ready, plump, and deliver the premium quality we feel you deserve.

For more information visit our delivery page.