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Our Mission

The oceans must be cherished and respected, not exploited and polluted.

We love the oceans and want our children to enjoy clean oceans full of life, not plastic and sewage. Our mission starts with doing our part to protect our marine resources. Our aquatic ecosystem produces no effluent to pollute local water, and our feed contains only sustainable ingredients; no wild-caught fishmeal or other unsustainable materials.

Shrimp Bounty

We strive to set a new standard in aquaculture that's viable enough to replace prawns caught in the wild and revolutionize an industry known to neglect our environment. Our same-day fresh, great-tasting sustainable King Prawns farmed in our Vertical Oceans is the first step in that mission.

Committed to Quality and Transparency

We started Vertical Oceans to produce high-quality seafood that we could feel good about eating ourselves. Our system uses no chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. 

Prawn Analytics

Our King Prawns thrive in a balanced aquatic ecosystem which makes them healthier and better-tasting. We do not taint our products with preservatives or bulk them up with water. You get all-natural, head-on, shell-on prawns with all their excellent flavour, texture, and nutrients. You can feel confident that our prawns are clean, fresh, safe, and produced most sustainably. 

Watch our Company Overview

John Deiner Portrait

Message from Co-founder & CEO, John Diener

We are constantly working to provide you the best possible product produced using the most sustainable methods possible. Our customers love our product, and we work hard to ensure that everything we do results in fresh, great-tasting prawns without damaging the environment.

We would love to hear from you, and how you enjoy our product, so please share your recipes at the social media links below. Also, if you have an idea you would like to share on how we could do something better, please email me at